Welcome to Rory MacNish Photography and Videography. This is the place to see my work and buy my photos, a showcase of 31 years of shooting. Shooting on film gave me the ability to really know my craft, learn all there is to know about how to expose it, compose and develop it. I owned my own photo processing lab and developed all my pictures during that time. With the progression of digital photography and video I embrassed it as well and took what I learned from film and the darkroom into the light. Learning Photoshop was so much fun for me, it is an endless process with all it can do. With this website I also plan to do what I love to do and that's talk about film and photography. That's why I established a blog on this site, so join me and comment on what I'm writing about and join in. I'm also involved in other ventures that I will let you know about as I progress with this site. There's more to come...          Rory

 Newest video I shot for the Long Island Sustainable Wine Growing. 

 Please visit the Long Island Sustainable Wine Growing groups web page: