My latest video for the Long Island Sustainable Wine Growing group:

Newest video I shot for Kidagains a new gaming company and their first product called QuaterBack Toutchdown. A very cool and fun game.

QuarterBack Toutchdown from Rory MacNish on Vimeo.



Video is so prevalent on the web, I have been shooting many projects for deferent clients one being my family. This was for my mom and brother for their B&B Andrews Legacy. After Mark posted this he noticed a direct increase in calls for bookings at the B&B.

 This next video I shot about 5 years ago on speck for TV360, they were looking for a "rags to riches" story and I pitched how SeaTow got their start. I have since went on to shoot "King of the Hamptons" and am currently working on another documentary with the owner of TV360 Dennis Lynch.